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Volume 49, Number 2 (2022)
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  • Original Articles
  • Retrospective Evaluation of Inborn Errors of Metabolisms in the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    İbrahim Değer, İbrahim Taş, Serhat Samancı
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 264-270 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128817
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  • Comparison of Exosome Presence and Morphologic Changes Between Implantation and Inter-Implantation Areas in Rat's Utero by Confocal Microscope and SEM
    Filiz Yılmaz, Seyda Demir, H. Alper Bagrıyanık
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 271-277 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128820
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  • Comparison of Optic Coherence Tomography Findings of Chronic Renal Failure and Renal Transplant Patients
    Esin Tunca Kırıkkaya, Hülya Çolak
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 278-286 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128830
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  • Risk factors for intensive care unit need in patients with COVID-19: An analysis of 368 cases
    Filiz Koç, Emine Fırat Göktaş, Pınar Fırat, Zehra Nur Şeşen, Aslı Burcu Yıkılgan, İsmail Demirkale, Davut Akduman
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 287-296 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128905
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  • In the differential diagnosis of sepsis and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, procalcitonin and C-reactive protein (CRP) may be as determinant as ferritin
    Arzu Oto, Seher Erdoğan, Sinan Akbayram, Mehmet Bosnak
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 297-307 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128911
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  • The Measurement of Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin in Umbilical Cord Blood and The Assessment of Its Relationship With Neonatal Results
    Seçkin İlter, Sabahattin Ertuğrul, İbrahim Değer, İbrahim Kaplan
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 308-314 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128915
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  • Measurement of the Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Spaces in Adults with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Mete Özdikici
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 315-323 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128922
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  • Quality of Life of Parents with Disabled Children and Affecting Factors
    Vildan Kurban, Ramazan Tetıkçok, Ufuk Ünlü
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 324-332 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128927
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  • Evaluation of Cytogenetic / Fish And Demographic Data of Patients Diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome
    Ahmet Şeyhanlı, Muhammed Eroğlu, Şerife Solmaz, Zeynep Yüce, Sermin Özkal, Oğuz Altungöz, İnci Alacacıoğlu
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 333-342 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128940
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  • The Relationship of Microsatellite Instability Genes With Tumor Stage and Difference in Endometrial Carcinomas
    Cigdem Dicle Arican
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 343-351 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128948
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  • Evaluation of The Clinical Features and Their Response to The Treatment of Children Received Growth Hormone Treatment
    Ayşe Özden, Hakan Döneray, Zerrin Orbak
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 352-360 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128953
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  • The distribution of MEFV mutations in childeren FMF patients: Single center study in southeast Turkey
    Mahir Binici, Selahattin Tekeş, Mahmut Balkan, Diclehan Oral, İlyas Yücel, Şaban Tunç
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 361-366 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1128958
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  • Haematological findings in childhood brucellosis: an analysis from southeast Turkey
    Ertan Sal, Selçuk Akın
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 367-372 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1129514
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  • The prevalence and comparison of mucocutaneous findings in patients receiving hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
    Bilgen Gençler, Göknur Bilen, Müzeyyen Gönül, Mehmet Deniz Aylı
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 373-380 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1129515
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  • Case Reports
  • Isolated neuro-Behçet’s disease in a child, from headache to diagnosis: A case report
    Rojan İpek, Barış Ten, Mustafa Kömür, Çetin Okuyaz
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 381-384 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1129520
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  • Two cases of euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis caused by dapagliflozin
    Necla Güngörler, Leyla Seyhan, Zafer Pekkolay
    Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) Cilt 49, Sayı 2 (2022) 385-389 doi:10.5798/dicletip.1129522
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  • Current Issue - Volume 48, Number 3 (2021)
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  • Original Articles
  • The Importance of MPV as a Marker of Subclinical Inflammation in FMF Patients and It s Correlation with Disease Severity
    Mesut Çeliker, Sinan Kazan, Onur Tunca, Alper Sarı, Mustafa Köroğlu, Memnune Sena Ulu
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 387-395 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987759
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  • Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Alters Cytotoxicity of Irinotecan in Glioblastoma: A Preliminary Observation
    Hava Bektaş, Suleyman Dasdag
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 396-403 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987802
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  • The role of religiosity in the etiology of vaginismus in the light of socio-cultural features: The case of Turkey
    Elif Aktan Mutlu, Mustafa Koç
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 404-415 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987807
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  • Epıdemıology and Demography of Open Globe Injury In Chıldren
    Sedat Ava, Seyfettin Erdem, Mine Karahan, Mehmet Emin Dursun, Leyla Hazar, Uğur Keklikçi
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 416-424 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987880
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  • In Pediatric Gastroenteritis: the Presence of Helicobacter Pylori Prevalence of Entamoeba Histolytica, Giardia Intestinalis And Cryptosporidium Spp
    Demet Çelebi, Özgür Çelebi
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 425-430 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987884
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  • The pulmonary annular motion velocity assessed using tissue Doppler imaging could predict the proximal right coronary artery occlusion in patients with inferior myocardial infarction
    Emrah Acar, Neryan Ozgul, Ibrahim Dönmez, Osman Yasin Yalçın, Sait Alan
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 431-438 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987888
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  • Youtube Contents Provides Inadequate Information About The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Hallux Valgus
    Adem Şahin, Anıl Agar
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 439-450 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987898
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  • In Silico Analysis of miRNA-mediated ceRNAs as Potential Molecular Biomarkers in Glioblastoma
    Orçun Avşar
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 451-467 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987908
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  • The Diagnostic Accuracy of Abbreviated Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Türkan İkizceli, Gökçe Gülşen
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 468-477 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987912
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  • Metabolic Effectiveness of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Morbid Obesity Treatment: Early and Mid-Term Results of a Single Center
    Mehmet Ali Kırşan, Mehmet Tolga Kafadar, Abdullah Oğuz
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 478-487 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987915
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  • Pulmonary Aspergillosis in immunocompetent patients
    Sibel Kara, Ebru Oruç, Zuhal Ekici Ünsal, Hikmet Eda Akışkan, Şule Akçay
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 488-497 doi:10.5798/dicletip.987922
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  • Effects of electroporation on cytotoxicity of 4-aminopyrimidin-2-(1H)-one based ligand and its Cobalt (II) and Ruthenium (II) complexes in MCF-7 cancer cells
    Mehmet Eşref Alkış
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 498-506 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988061
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  • Heterotopic gastric mucosa (inlet patch): Endoscopic prevalence and association with supraesophageal and upper esophageal symptoms
    Remzi Beştaş, Nazım Ekin
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 507-513 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988062
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  • The Effects of Ethyl Pyruvate on Behavioral and Biochemical Parameters in Immobilization Stress-Induced Mice
    Mihrab Abul, Hasan Akkoc, Emre Uyar, Suleyman Donmezdil
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 514-522 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988063
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  • Comparison of Plasmapheresis Therapy Using Single Filter Vs Double Filter- Five Year Experience of Nephrology Unit
    Sibel Sibel Gökçay Bek, Serkan Bakirdogen, Necmi Eren, Yusuf Hanzay, Betül Kalender Gönüllü
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 523-528 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988064
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  • Comparison of the Effects of Interventional Treatment and Conservative Treatment on Mortality in Six Months in Elderly Patients with Non-ST Segment Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Ferhat Işık, Ümit İnci, Abdurrahman Akyüz, Habib Çil
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 529-536 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988065
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  • Investigation of Effective Dose Level of Rottlerin on Autophagy in Rats
    Şebnem Yıldırımcan Kadıçeşme, Fatih Kara, Yasemen Adalı, Özlem Önen, Uğur Aydın
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 537-543 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988067
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  • Profile of Musculoskeletal Injuries of The Soldiers Who Are Serving As Contracted Soldier And Sergeants
    Tuğrul Ergün, Mehmet Korkmaz
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 544-550 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988068
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  • The Effect of Using Silicone Oil on The Thickness of Macular Layers in Patients with Rheumatogenous Retinal Detachment without Macular Involvement
    Umut Dağ, Mehtap Çağlayan
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 551-558 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988070
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  • Cardiac evaluation of pediatric patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis
    Mehmet Türe, Velat Şen
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 559-566 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988071
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  • The Effect of Anxiety on Emergence of Orthostatic Hypotension in Patients Undergoing Tilt Table Treatment Throughout Neurologic Rehabilitation
    Selma Eroğlu
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 567-576 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988073
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  • The Effects of Lactate And Lactate Clearance On Mortality of Stroke Cases Who Admitted To Emergency Department
    Murat Orak, Mustafa İpek, Mehmet Üstündağ, Mahmut Yaman, Mehmet Ufuk Aluçlu, Cahfer Güloğlu
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 577-582 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988079
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  • People's View of COVID-19 Vaccine in Turkey
    Hatice İlke Yılmaz, Başak Turğut, Göksu Çıtlak, Oğulcan Mert, Bilge Paralı, Muhammed Engin, Aylin Aktaş, Orhan Alimoğlu
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 583-594 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988080
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  • Effects of royal jelly on rats with amyloid beta in experimental Alzheimer's model
    Songül Benzigül, Saliha Ayşenur Çam, Fatma Uysal, Seyfullah Oktay Arslan, Hayriye Tatlı Doğan
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 595-604 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988081
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  • Evaluation of Risk Factors in Infants with Premature Retinopathy Treated with Intravitreal Bevacizumab
    Leyla Hazar, Mine Karahan, Mehmet Emin Dursun, Sedat Ava, Seyfettin Erdem, Esra Vural, Uğur Keklikçi
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 605-611 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988082
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  • COVID-19 Pandemic Assistant Physicians How Has It Affected Their Lifestyle?
    Hatice Tuba Akbayram, Hamit Sırrı Keten, Yunus Aksoy, Muhammed Mustafa Yıldız
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 612-620 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988083
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  • Assessment of Liver Tissue with CD68 in Experimental Diabetic Rats Applied Running Exercise
    Leyla Leyla Bahar
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 621-629 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988084
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  • The Relationship between Autonomic Dysfunction Parameters and Ventricular Premature Complex Frequency and Presence of ischemic ST-segment Changes during Treadmill Exercise Test
    Munevver Sari, Ozlem Karakurt
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 630-638 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988086
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  • Case Reports
  • A Rare Anatomical Location Of Necrotizing Enterocolitis; Neonatal Appendicitis
    Murat Konak, Mehmet Sarıkaya, Tamer Sekmenli, Fatma Hicret Tiyek, Pınar Karabağlı, Hanifi Soylu
    Cilt 48, Sayı 3 (2021) 639-643 doi:10.5798/dicletip.988089
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